Local Rules

I - Discontinuance and resumption of play
Discontinuance of play in potentially dangerous situations: repetitive long blast on the horn.
Other discontinuance of play : repetitive short blast on the horn.
Resumption: single long blast of the horn or any other notice given by the Committee.
II – Lines and stakes
In presence of both lines and stakes, lines prevail on stakes.
III – Out of bounds
Defined by walls and fences adjacent to the course and/or white stakes or lines.
IV – Ground under repair
4-1– Defined by blue or white lines and/or blue stakes.
4-2– GUR from which play is prohibited: Turf nursery located on the left side of hole 8. If a player’s ball lies in this area, or if this area interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing, the player must take relief in accordance with Rule 25-1.
V – Obstructions
5-1- Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions, rule 24-1 applies.
5-2- Paths: Paths are an integral part of the course, and so no relief can be taken without penalty.
Pénality for breachof local rules : 2 strokes.
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