Internal Rules and Regulations

Section 1 : Purpose of the Internal Rules and Regulations :
Article 1 : The purpose of the following internal rules and regulations are, on the one hand, to establish the conditions and terms of membership within the “Golf de Biarritz le Phare” and the “Centre International d’Entraînement au Golf d’Ilbarritz”, and on the other hand, to specify the governing rules of operation and management of the same
Article 2 : These rules apply to all members, their families, guests and non-members using the club premises and its facilities.
Section 2 : The establishment and amendment of the internal rules and regulations :
Article 1 : The internal rules and regulations are established by the Board of Directors, and may be modified at anytime at the discretion of the same.
Section 3 : Admission of members :
Article 1 : Admission to the club endows the applicant with the status of Member. Prospective members shall apply for membership in writing to the Board.
Admissions to the club can only be approved by the Board of Directors.
Article 2 : A member is defined as a person who has taken a subscription.
Article 3 : The club reserves the right to refuse an application and no reason shall be given to any applicant in the event of rejection..
Article 4 : Due to limits in the number of members, membership requests may be transferred to a waiting list. In order to qualify for the waiting list, one must make a written application to the Board of Directors, and two existing members must also nominate the prospective member. The order of application determinates the order of admissions.
Article 5 : The Board reserves the right to grant membership to a player considering his quality and level of play.
Section 4 : Club Dues and Fees :
Article 1 : All non-members must pay a fee to play.
Article 2 : Fees cannot be reimburse, unless the Board acknowledges a case of force majeure.
Article 3 : The same rule applies in tournaments, to which the entrance fees paid by members are also applicable.
Article 4 : Annual subscription is payable by January 31. In the event that the annual subscription has not been paid by that date of that particular year all of the member’s rights to use of the premises may be suspended subsequent to the member having received two notifications.
Article 5 : Members and non-members shall be accredited by means of documentary evidences or green fee tickets. These documents may be requested at any time by the club in order to confirm the right to play.
Section 5 : Reservations and starting time :
Article 1 : All bookings must be made in advance with the personnel at the reception.
Article 2 : The starter is responsible for the organisation of the round, and players must adhere to all decisions made by him.
Article 3 : The club rules regarding starting times and tees must be adhered to by all and any person playing on the course. The Board of Directors may apply sanctions if these rules are not respected.
Article 4 : All cancellations of a reservation must be communicated to the personnel at the reception. A group having made a reservation and does not appear will incur a sanction.
Section 6 : Use of the golf course :
Article 1 : All players are expected to scrupulously respect the usual rules of etiquette governing the game of golf, such as length of play, replacing divots, repairing ball-marks and bunkers.
A brief remember of etiquette expected of all players : good sportsmanship, safety, speed of play, priorities on the course, care taken of the course.
Article 2 : The Board reserves the right to close the course for play, for any reason without the need to justify his decision.
Article 3 : Instructions concerning the use and circulation of golf carts must be respected. For safety and/or maintenance reasons, the club reserves the right to limit or suspend golf cart usage.
Article 4 : Golf course maintenance staff has priority on the golf course over all players at all times. Therefore players must accept delays during their round while the work is being properly completed.
Article 5 : At peak times, the club has the authorisation to require only foursomes on the course, and reserves the right to complete the party.
Article 6 : The board recommends that all players take out a license with the French Golf Federation. This federation license can be obtained at the club reception.
Article 7 : In accordance with Article 38 of  theJuly 6, 2000 French legislation, the Board advises of the relevance to players of taking out personal liability insurance. To play on the course, participants must hold the corresponding Federation license, which will insure against any damage the player may cause during play.
Section 7 : Use of the practice facilities, golf cart area and locker rooms:
Article 1 : To obtain access to practice golf balls provided by the club, players need to purchase a card. Therefore it is forbidden to gather used balls beyond the limits (ropes and signage) on the driving range.
Article 2 : The course, driving range and the recreational putting greens may be used solely and exclusively for recreational practice, according to normal golf usage, and no damage must be caused to the grass. Please stay within limits. Rules concerning safety are mandatory, as are the right use of the infrastructures on the premises.
Article 3 : It is strictly forbidden to use practice balls on the golf course.
Article 4 : The club cannot be held responsible for theft, loss, damages to equipment, no matter how caused, on the premises, including the driving range, golf cart area, and locker rooms.
Section 8 : Obligations :
Article 1 : Any member or visitor causing damages to the property of the club or club personnel shall be required to make payment for the damage caused(art 1383 code civil).
Article 2 : Stealing any equipment belonging to the club will result in legal proceedings (art 311-3 code penal). The club shall bear no responsibility for any property brought to the club premises that is lost or damaged.
Article 3 : Facilities that are at the disposal of members and guests (changing room locker, golf cart garage, driving range, clubhouse, reception area etc) are to be used respectfully. Acts of vandalism which cause serious damage to the facilities and services, may incur not only the replacement or payment for removing or damaging club property but may also result in the exclusion of the person from the club by the Board.
Article 4 : Club equipment must be used respectfully and as per it’s designated purpose according to normal golf usage.
Article 5 : Persons admitted to the club premises must observe the rules of etiquette, courtesy, politeness and good manners and behave respectfully with one another and the Staff.
Article 6 : Pets are not permitted on the course, in the clubhouse or on any other part of the complex, even when on leash.
Article 7 : Only players wearing suitable golf attire are allowed access to the course. The following clothing is not suitable for access to the course : shorts (Bermuda shorts are permitted), tee shirts and blue jeans. The Board of directors shall define suitable golf attire. There may be other unacceptable dress items, which in the opinion of the Board of Directors are not in keeping with this byelaw.
Article 8 : Any offensive, abusive or insulting behaviour incriminating club management that is directed at the “Société des Golfs de Biarritz” staff, will be reviewed and sanctioned at the discretion of the Board.
Article 9 : All persons on the club premises are requested to respect and comply with all signage and instructions posted on the course as well as the various facilities.
Section 9 : Disciplinary power :
Article 1 : Any breach in the respect of these internal rules and regulations will be referred to and investigated by the Board of Directors, and may result in warning notices and sanctions that include temporary suspension of the member from the club and Club Premises, or permanent exclusion.
Article 2 : The authority to inflict all sanctions rests with the Board of Directors Committee. This committee is comprised of the President of the “Société des Golfs de Biarritz” and the General Manager. 
Biarritz, June 29th 2006.
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